Juergen started his career in maintenance services in the chemical industry on the shop floor. He moved into process automation, first as project engineer, later on as project manager for various projects in the process industry.

In 2000 he founded a new software department in his former company, for the purpose of creating the first comprehensive integrated engineering/maintenance solution available at the market, together with a partner company. After 2 years of development he started the market launch of the new product; he built up the business from scratch to a significant revenue and market share, while already delivering EBIT after only a short time.

In 2007 he accompanied the selling of the IP-Rights to the former partner company and joined them, taking most of his staff with him. In the new setup he heavily contributed to win one of the biggest industrial software projects tendered worldwide in 2008; it was worth a double-digit Mio. Euros and based on the above mentioned solution.

In late 2008, the company got acquired by a world’s Top 30 corporation. In early 2010, Juergen moved to the German headquarters, being assigned as the new Head of Product Management. He was there responsible for the entire product portfolio of the company, which was subject of the daily work of more than 400 people worldwide. 

Juergens original background is Measurement & Control Technology. In addition, he holds an MBA degree in economics.

After his degree on the technical university in Graz for control and process technology in 1997, Helmut started his career at one of the top three Austrian EPCs. After the first projects as commissioning engineer, he became the project manager and senior engineer for E&IC in a big project in England (Teeside). The responsible project Budget was several million Euros. While finishing the project very successfully, Helmut got an offer from an excessively growing German software company, to lead the startup of the Austrian subsidiary. Despite of the real big change from an EPC to a small start up software company, he still took the chance and started the challenge in the end of 2001.

The main task was to develop the sales and service group to cover the Austrian market, and several neighbor countries like Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Within 8 years as CEO, Helmut developed a well operating and fast growing sales and service company and won several awards as the fastest growing company in Carinthia.
In late 2008, the German mother company got acquired by a world’s Top 30 corporation. After the post merger integration, Helmut was acting as the General Manager for Austria and the whole CEE market. Before he left the company, he was also appointed for further duties on the european level of the organisation.

After his degree in software engineering at the technical university Linz (Johannes Kepler University) in 1999, Markus founded a software development company which focused on tailor-made solutions for industry customers. As the CTO of the company, Markus was responsible for the software- and product development department. In the year 2000 he started to work on creating a concept for implementing the first comprehensive integrated engineering/maintenance solution available at the market as an external consultant. 

In 2002 he decided to sell his company shares and joined the development team of his former customer, which was already set to bring this concept to life.

Markus used his industry experience not only as lead developer, but additionally worked as project consultant over the following years where he also extended his knowledge in the area of industry automation. 

In 2007 the IP-Rights where sold to a former partner company and Markus joined them as the head of development for the successful product modules. 2 years later he also took over responsibility for its product management, now under the roof of a technology giant who acquired the company in 2008. As the branch manager, he was also in charge of the development- and service-staff of the competence center Linz.

After his education as industrial business management assistant, Alexander Mankel devoted himself to the study of industrial engineering and management. With this foundation, he started his career as international key account manager in an ambitious software company. In this role he was, among other duties, responsible for gaining recognizable market shares in the area of integrated engineering systems for the process industry.

In 2005, Alexander advanced from Key Account Management to Head of Sales and was now in charge of the development of new regions and key customers in those new markets. This went along with the ramp-up of various subsidiaries worldwide, including market strategies and business planning.

When the company got eventually acquired by one of the world's top 30 corporations, Alexander’s responsibility changed decisively. Being responsible now for a several million turnover, his range of tasks became even more multi-faceted as the Head of Global Sales & Services, who also was assigned a key role in the post-merger integration into the group.

The gained experiences and the active international network he built helped him in the decision to accept a new challenge. Since January 2013, he is now the acting CEO of Augmensys Deutschland GmbH.

Charles’ background is electronics and telecommunication in which he graduated as an engineer. He chose this path after completing an apprenticeship in industrial electronics. Further studies included vocational education and teaching English.

His professional experience includes working as an automation technician in a refinery, on a governmental environment project in China and in software development for project automation and rationalisation.

In 1998 Charles became partner in a German engineering company specialised in automation, plant documentation and software implementation. Together with this engineering office and a software company, he founded a software distribution and implementation firm in São Paulo, Brazil in 2001. After successfully building up this enterprise, the company was acquired in the beginning of 2012.

Charles continued as General Manager for the new owners for a year and then moved on to establish and manage Augmensys Desenvolvimento de Software Ltda in Brazil.

Augmensys Brasil was founded in 2013 and is responsible for all South American operations.




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